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Weapon: two dagger
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Bio:Rikku is a character from the Final Fantasy X videogame.
Rikku is an odd one among the summoner Yuna’s already rather odd crew of guardians. Like her spiritual ancestor Yuffie Kisaragi (from Final Fantasy VII), she’s an adversary turned ally, who finds herself joining the crew through some convoluted circumstances.

She’s one of the Al Bhed people, the tinkerers with machina technology considered heretical by Spira’s dominating church of Yevon. Tidus actually meets her immediately upon his arrival in Spira, but the two aren’t formally introduced until later, when she meets up with Tidus and company again after Sin’s attack on Kilika Island.

Rikku is Yuna’s cousin (on the Al Bhed side) and wants badly to protect her, which creates a considerable amount of tension with some of the other members of Yuna’s party. In particular, her guardian Wakka – as a consequence of his prejudice as a faithful follower of Yevon – doesn’t trust her one bit, at least to start with.

Befitting her Al Bhed heritage, Rikku has a knack for combining items together. Her special attack lets her merge a pair of items, be they potions or other assorted widgets, to create an uncertain (but hopefully beneficial) effect. She can also steal items in combat…although like Locke Cole from Final Fantasy VI, it wouldn’t be nice to call her a thief.

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